What MSSC do?

 More than you can imagine and what you've seen until now.

Yes, is not arrogance. There has never been so complete solution for sport shooting before, why so categorically affirm that it is UNIQUE IN THE WORLD. MSSC SYSTEM does everything you need and what you have not imagined yet.

We could overwhelm with a long list of everything that makes MSSC SYSTEM, but as we know that your time is money, We'll summarize it in the following points:

  • You no longer have to be answering the phone 24h; MSSC SYSTEM provides services and information to users 24 hours / 365 days.
  • When you want to take whatever paperwork you will not have to call anyone, not have to go from one place to another: you'll have ALL CONTROL IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND, where and when you want, simply through any internet connection. ¿Who has no Internet connection today?.
  • Forget papers: You no longer need to print, complete, record...the competitions's score sheets. No more paper applications of certificates, licenses, renewals.... With MSSC SYSTEM our forests will last more years, everything was on paper before now is on electronic-wayl, with all the benefits and savings that entails.
  • You no longer have to wait to finish the competition for the results. With MSSC SYSTEM you can follow in real time any competition and you can minimize costs and errors, and offer full transparency in the development of it.
  • The shooters will have access to a wide variety of benefits:
    • Private personal area where have all the administrative, economic, sports information, etc.
    • The results of the competitions will be part of a personal history in which can track and compare their sport trajectory.
    • They can make training their favorite modalities on groups or individually, share, track in real time, be monitored by a coach ...

MSSC SYSTEM is alive: a team of professionals who lives daily the world of sport shootingcollect experiences worldwide, MSSC SYSTEM keeping constantly updated and we can anticipate to your needs.

If you want to have more detailed information see this link or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will be happy to answer all your questions.