How implement MSSC?

MSSC SYSTEM not require informatic knowledge only an Internet connection.

For Clubs and Federations:

Implement MSSC SYSTEM is very simple, in three simple steps:

1. Contact us by any means consider (email, phone, contact form of this web ...) and indicate the following information to send you an offer for your needs:

- Name of the club or federation.

- Number of active members .

- Person and a means of contacting.

2. From WIRTEX will send a offer from the data provided.

3. Once the offer is accepted, we will register your club or federation on MSSC SYSTEM and you can start enjoying all the benefits.


Remember that if you already have data on Excel, Access, BD... we can make the dump them to MSSC SYSTEM.


For training:

For shooters and coaches can download the application directly from the official platforms exist (Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore) or request us directly.