How much MSSC cost?

A small fee adapted to the characteristics of your club or federation so you do not have to give up anything.





The price for the hire all the system MSSC SYSTEM without limitations, it's only 1€ per mounth per active membe. COST LESS THAN A BOX OF AMMUNITION for one yearNothing else, so simple

* For clubs and federations from 999 active members will be apply special conditions.




If you just want to benefit of the system of competitions (registration, organization, punctuation, arbitration and results in real time) have a single fee of 3 per participant.


In this type of contracting the payment will be made at the time of registering the competition in the system. You can purchase packs of entries depending on the size of the competition. Example: in a competition of 54 participants, we suggest a bonus of 60 entries so that you have to spare. Of course, you can always extend this bonus before the start of the competition.


The registered shooters and that finally did not participate in the competition not count on aggregate pack acquired like the part of the entries is not consumed on the pack pruchased. These surpluses will accumulate on a balance of entries that can be used for the next competition.


For IPSC Level III or higher, contact us. 



From WIRTEX we can offer additional services to help:

         - Servicios presenciales.

         - Organisation and management of competitions..