What is WIRTEX?


WIRTEX was born more than a decade ago as the department of system integration technology provider of the AIG Group (Auditoria Informatica del Gas). With an European and national presence, AIG with the support of WIRTEX has been providing solutions to the energetic sector, in which AIG is specialized.

Althrough WIRTEX still is the main technology provider for AIG, it isn’t exclusively focused on the energetic sector, covering any need that may arise. Actually, WIRTEX has done projects for different sectors, such as online gaming, telemetry, telemedicine, microelectronics, the automotive sector…

From its beginnings, WIRTEX has specialized in the creation and investigation of new products with a highly technological component.

WIRTEX has more than ten years of experience in technology in which it has acquired a profound technological knowledge that helps it live the reality of the companies it works with.


Integración de sistemas