Club's Administration (Association, federation, etc.)

MSSC, because of the implementation of new technologies, allows your club to take advantage of all these innovations in a simple and economic manner, providing you a constant update of our Portal, ensuring at the same time that you´re not going to depend on one of those webs that become obsolete after a short time because of the lack of updates.

MSSC offers your club, depending on whether you are the administrator or not of the club, different apps, through simple and intuitive menus, so you can solve easily all the tasks related to your club, even the difficult ones that required so much time, allowing you to do it faster and all from the same tool.

We'll make a fast tour through the menus so you can get an idea of what MSSC can do for the management of your club:



  • Club Information.- Open your club to page on internet so anyone interested can get some information about your facilities.
  • Staff.- Database with the people that work in your club and everybody involved in the management of the club and what they do for the club.
  • Galleries.- A complement for the Club Information section, in which you can inform about the shooting galleries you have in the club.
  • Stocktaking.- If you need to keep your club's inventory updated.
  • Permits and Insurances.- Management and reminders of the insurances you have and the permits you need for the correct function of your club.
  • Referees.- A small database with information about the referees, whether they are members of the club or not, you count on for the competitions.
  • Devices.- A control over mobile devices referees have during competitions.
  • Admission application.- In this section, worthy of a deeper treatment, makes the management of admission applications received through the system a lot easier.
  • Third-party Companies.- Information about companies that have relation with the club.
  • News.- This sections allows you to inform the club's members of the news you consider important.
  • Banners and logos.- It allows you to put small advertisements of your sponsors, collaborators, etc.
  • Announcements.- Innovative space that allows you to program a system to make announcements pop up whenever a member of the club goes into the webpage.
  • Users of the webpage.- It allows you to control how may members go into the webpage, among other things.
  • Reports.- With this option you can create reports in .pdf, so you can view and print them; a list with bookings of the galleries by third party companies and the stocktaking of the club.




  • Members.- Database with information about members, it is an optimized database, making its maintenance minimal.
  • My Account.- Information about the members who are logged in the site, so they can check their own personal information.
  • Reports about members.- From this section you can create all kind of reports, in .pfd format, related to the members of the club, for example: a list of members, a list of bills, etc.




  • Federative Licenses.- It's usually the clubs who manage the federative licenses of their members. To ease this process, we recommend you to use this section.
  • Fees Management.- This section will allow you to control the membership fees in a really fast and easy way.
  • Materials and services.- This app will manage the club's store and the services you offer to external companies.
  • Suppliers.- Database of the suppliers of the store.
  • Stock movement.- You can control from here the stock and the movements of the store.
  • Sales.- Tool to ease the sales operations.
  • Bills.- It generates bills easily, thanks to its connection with the database.
  • Ammunition Stock Book.- It does for you the tedious task of carrying out the official books of registration of sale of metallic ammunition, if required by the authorities
  • Reports.- It writes, in .pdf format, the reports you need for this section, such as list of materials, economic reports, etc.




  • Club's competitions.- If you need to organize competitions, you´ll find this section of MSSC indispensable,, because this app will, as if it was you, contact the shooters, control the payments, and a long etcetera that will save you much time and resources that you would have to use if you don't have MSSC.
  • MY competitions.- This section saves information about all the competitions you´ve been in and it will allow you to check your progress.
  • My cronos.- In this section also saves information, in this case of the occasions you had to pass the chrono and the results obtained.
  • Ranking.- New and interesting tool that takes care of elaborating the rankings you have to publish, saving you the long and boring process of doing it by hand. You can make any kind of ranking: International, national, open, etc.


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