MSSC System

Administración del club Organización y desarrollo de competiciones Presencia en Internet Servicios a Socios y usuarios Ahorro en costes y tiempo


Nobody has ever done so much to modernize the appearance of a sport like MSSC is doing for Competitive Shooting in all of its modalities, olympic or not.

MSSC has achieved the union between a classic sport and the most modern and advanzed technology, to offer everybody modern Competitive Shooting, giving this sport a renewed and present appearance that will allow it to be better known and near to every person interested in sports.

MSSC is the first informatic management system that will allow you to give service, to control, to save costs and all that without taking all your time, so you can spend it with other activities that require your attention such as your family, enjoying this sport, etc.

Las áreas principales del sistema MSSC, son:


Club administration Organization and development of match
Internet presence Services to members and users
Time and cost savings Information request