Time and cost saving

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Time and cost saving

MSSC doesn't require expensive installations or advanced computers, you don't even have to be an expert informatics. A simple Internet connection wherever you are (your house, club, office, or even your holidays) is enough to be in control of your club. To connect you can use any computer (desktop or laptop), tablet or smartphone.

You will be able to connect to our app every day of the year, 24 hours a day, so you, exclusively, determine when and how much time you are going to spend in the tasks related to your club.


From this point we have created a comparative of the processes, times, etc. that are used to manage a sport entity (we have decided to call that to the group of federations, clubs, associations and others).We compared the traditional system and the MSSC system by simulating some of this processes with both systems.

-    SIGNING UP A NEW MEMBER.- In this case, including information exchange between the person being signed up and the club, phone calls, introduction of the information in a database and more, we have calculated that 90 or 100 minutes of work done by a single person or more. With the MSSC system that would only require 10 minutes.

100’ vs 10’ -90%

-    SALE OF AMMUNITION TO A MEMBER OF THE CLUB.- Nowadays, the different note taking processes needed to complete this takes no less than 10 minutes for every client. With the MSSC tool you can do it in 60 or 90 seconds. We get a reduction in time of about 90%.

600’’ vs 90’’ -85/90%

-   SIGNING UP FOR A COMPETITION organized by our Club.- This task can be broken into different ones: type the information of the shooter, which usually arrives by paper or phone, control the payment of the competition fees, the bank transfers, etc. All this processes takes at least 5 minutes for every shooter, if we take for example a competition with 100 shooters, we are talking about 500 minutes or 8 hours, 20 minutes of time that, in this case, could be completely erased with the MSSC tool.


500’ vs 0’ -100%

-    DEVELOPMENT OF A COMPETITION.- For this example we have simulated a standard pistol competition in which you had to be previously signed up. In this simulation we can see that approximately 15 minutes can be saved at the start of each round because the referee already has the information about the shooters, the initial distribution, etc. This reduces considerably the dead time between rounds, therefore reducing the time shooters have to wait and makes the competition less slow. We also added the time needed for the calculations of the final scores, which can take 30 minutes for every 10 shooters if done by hand or 15 if a calculator is used. This makes a set of 3 round with 10 shooters, approximately, 2 hours and 15 minutes. With MSSC that could be reduced to 10 minutes of verification and 5 minutes to introduce the scores.


135’ vs 45’ -70%

MSSC vs Sistema tradicional
MSSC vs traditional system

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